Krystyna leads our training team with over 20 years experience of delivering and designing end-user training. All training is delivered on customer site minimising disruption and costs for customers. We do not offer open public training courses.

There are three pillars to our training; pre-built courses, bespoke training and floor walking.

Pre-built courses
Pre-built courses deliver a set of training materials that are targeted at getting users to a uniform level of knowledge. Courses are targeted at beginner, intermediate and advanced topics and we agree pre-requisites with customers to ensure that those attending courses get the most out of them.

Custom Training
Custom training allows customers to take the subject matter from the pre-built courses and build their own courses, tailored for their staff. This is highly effective where users may have some existing experience of a subject and only need some topics from the intermediate and advanced courses.

We also deliver custom built courses that are often focused on the delivery of new in-house application to users. Our experience is that this often speeds up user adoption of new software and reduces the load on support teams. Our training team will spend time with the development team to understand the software, create training courses and then deliver those courses to users.

Customised courses are also effective where there is a need to reduce the load on support teams. In this instance, we work with support teams to identify and target the most common calls to the help desk. This results in materials that may be delivered either as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), classroom based training, individual training or small video clips that can be delivered across the corporate Intranet.

While the copyright in all training notes belongs to Synonym Limited, customers get an unlimited licence to use the notes with their own staff.

Floor Walking
The last offering from our training team is floor-walking. This is often carried out after a period of training or where users just need access to a subject matter expert to help solve very focused issues. We provide the trainer and users schedule 1:1 meetings to get help with specific issues.

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