Ian has over 30 years experience in publishing and journalism and leads our custom publishing business. We undertake two types of publishing, bespoke products for customers and our own publications that currently appear across both paper and the web.

Our custom publishing work is broken down into two types of work: in-house magazines and technical papers. In-house magazines can be delivered as PDF or as In-Design documents ready to be distributed either electronically or sent direct to a printer. Technical papers can be white papers dealing with specific technical product information or papers that are used by marketing departments for distribution to magazines. These documents are often white labelled which allows customers to brand them as they choose although some customers are keen to have them as co-branded documents.

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The second type of publishing is work carried out by our own publishing arm, online-mags. These are titles that we have owned for a substantial number of years and which have often appeared both as paper and electronic titles.

Many of our current titles are in the process of moving from paper to the web. As part of this process, we are taking the opportunity to consolidate our existing titles into more focused magazines. The first phase of this is to create a new website for Datacentre Times and combine this with Infrastructure Times and Cloud Times. This will enable us to better focus on the evolution of the data centre.

During 2013, we will announce what is happening with our other magazines across the technology, fiction, music, sport and toy markets.

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