IT & Business Consultancy

Our Consultancy Services are led by Steve, who has worked for over 25 years in IT management, the last 17 of which have been as head of IT at a FTSE 250 company.

Building on Steve’s extensive management experience, we are able to offer services including a Interim CIO or executive position with a detailed understanding of the IT Operations and technology function.

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Test Plans
Another service we offer, is the creation and delivery of bespoke test plans for IT systems and hardware. This ranges from servers and storage systems, to end-user devices such as tablets, phones, laptops and printers. Few companies have enough spare resources inside their IT departments to design and execute tests to ensure that capital spend can deliver the benefits the enterprise needs.

Topics such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Cloud are currently changing the business landscape. By developing and executing test plans for enterprise customers, Synonym can help reduce waste and improve the Return on Investment (RoI) around capital expenditure.

A typical test plan would include testing devices to see if they deliver the benefits expected by the client. As part of this we look at issues such as power usage, battery life for mobile devices, hardware performance and usability. We also install the full set of software that clients want to run on the devices and assess their ability to function as required. Each test plan is confidential, ensuring that clients do not have to worry about competitors learning what their future IT plans are.

In addition to building test plans for enterprise customers, Synonym has worked with a range of consumer and technical magazines that do not possess their own test labs. We do the testing of equipment, software and audio and then pass the results back to the magazine so that their journalists can develop articles and reviews based on the results.

Synonym also offers this same service to manufacturers. For some, this is about getting an early look in the development cycles as to how new products under development compare to existing products their competitors are currently selling. For others, it is to help build out information on their own websites as part of bespoke publishing services such as micro-sites.

Project Management
As might be expected, with all the experience Synonym has across a range of industries and technologies, we can help customers manage complex projects. Steve is a qualified Prince2 Practitioner, enabling him to provide project management assistance to customers who need it.

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